The Edwards'



Husband and wife duo, T.J. and Jelissa Edwards, are emerging authors of Urban Romance who stepped into the literary world with their first team-up 3-part series, Loyal to the Game in 2017 under the well-known Publisher, Lockdown Publications and Ca$h Presents. T.J. and Jelissa soon catapulted to the top of the charts with their following team up 3-part series Life of Sin in 2019; a revamped storyline reminiscent of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

Since then, T.J. and Jelissa have published many novels under Lockdown Publications, penning memorable, relatable stories, connecting with their readers on a personal level and sharing the most intimate parts of their lives with their supporters through social media. Currently, their reading catalog includes many titles such as, 'Love Me Even When It Hurts (Jelissa), Bloody Commas (T.J.), If Loving Him Is Wrong (Jelissa), King of New York (T.J.), etc.


After much hard work, dedication, and countless hours of studying to perfect their craft, and with the blessings from their former publisher, T.J. and Jelissa decided to step out into the publishing world to conquer the Urban/Contemporary Romance and Christian fiction genre, striving to give their readers authentic content that promotes healing, self-love and black love in it’s most raw, and purest form; persuading many to believe that it does, in fact, exist, thus T & J Publications was born in February of 2020.

When the two aren’t busy promoting black love through the words in their novels, they’re focusing on parenting their two handsome, overactive boys while overseeing their modeling/acting careers. Their beloved boys have won the hearts of their amazing supporters with their bubbly personalities and the many stories shared about them on their parents' social media pages.


 Be sure to follow T.J. and Jelissa on social media to stay up-to-date on their up and coming releases as well as giveaways for their most loyal readers. T.J. and Jelissa thanks those who continue to support their writing. Without Jehovah God, none of this would be made possible.

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