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Young Mother, Cold World



Young Mother Cold World is a tale about four single mothers from different walks of life.

HALO WALKER was kicked out of her parents home at the tender age of seventeen, forced to pick up the pieces of her life on her own while struggling to raise a child.

JACENIA EDMONDS is wooed by the looks of an older gentleman who promises her the life she’s always dreamed of. Unbeknownst to her, this gentleman is not after what the young mother is looking for. He has his own hidden agenda.

PORTIA WALTERS is left on her own to raise her children when the love of her life is sent away. She is able to move on in her life when she meets a handsome man. He promises to love and support her until that love starts to leave markings on her beautiful body.

DAHLIA STEVENS, a hardworking, single mother of four who finds herself trapped in the death clutch of her toxic environment. Every mother’s desire to provide a life for their children that they never had, but what do you do when you are constantly knocked down?

Living On A Prayer: The Ultimate Sacrifice

When prayer in an invisible God is all you have left. . . .

Newly married, TAMYRA and ORLANDO WALKER are determined to create the best life imaginable for their small family, knowing that with God and prayer, all things are possible and there's nothing they can't overcome. All seems well for the Walkers, until they receive life-altering news that places their back up against the wall. 

On this impetuous journey, the relentless duo face challenges that were set in place to knock them off their course of success and redirect their path. But they refuse to bow down, or give in even when their lives are at stake, and the odds stacked against them. When the married pair wreaks havoc on the city of New York, all hell breaks loose and they accrue a bill of enemies looking to clap back at them.  

Will the Walkers be able to overcome the many obstacles they face or will their many enemies close in on them causing them to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Land of the Heartless: The Four Kings of Genocide

This is a true story of money, drugs, gang life and the irreversible genocide that has begun to take over and infect the African American, Latino, and low-income White American communities. 


Inside these pages lie the four respected kings who started it all, and are responsible for the connections to over a hundred thousand murders. With access to more than a billion dollars in generated revenue from their gangs and silent supporters, the kings will stop at nothing to conquer and possess the streets of Chicago, Illinois. 


Take a walk down the dark valley of the shadow of death, where these men are the evil to be feared. Enter into the psyches of the men who were the spearheaders of it all. The streets will never be the same.

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Original. Insightful. Brilliant.


“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable”

Louisa May Alcott



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